Since 1990 500 million euro had been invested for new industrial settlements in these commercial- industrial- and special areas. The town Könnern is located in Saxony-Anhalt in the area of Halle/Leipzig and so in the southern part of the administrative district of Salzlandkreis. The regional council cassified this area in the course of a large planned industrial settlement with the following basic statement:

"To sum up we can determine, that the location of Könnern fulfills all essential demands for a development of an industrial location. Building regulations will be provided within the announced period. [...] There are certain experiences with local authorities of Könnern in the aspect of realization of huge investment projects in the industrial sector. Even if a town like Könnern of course doesnt dispose over such administrative power then larger towns, all necessary procedures and planning steps had been always done tight and to attain the objective. Furthermore last years experience indicates that decision-making is often faster in smaller municipal units. If a problem occurs the situation in general remains more clearly."

Könnern has an excellent infrastructure. The L 50 and the L 85, two federal roads, as well as 3 country roads are crossing the town. The highway A 14 with junction Könnern from Halle to Magdeburg had already opened for traffic. Because of the planned settlement of the new BMW factory near Leipzig the A 38 with direction Göttingen (junction to the A 14 approx. 15 km south of Könnern) will be continue building with prior-ranking. Some sections are already completed.

30The existing railway infrastructure on the main track Halle - Hannover has been improved for fast trains and is currently frequented by them (Harzexpress) and other trains. The railway station Könnern is as local public transport junction a stoping-place for trains and also used as a transfer station.  The branch railroad with direction Bernburg-Calbe, which is served by the local public transport every 2 hours, has its meaning in freight traffic as an industrial railroad siding for the resident industry in Könnern and surroundings and can be expanded if nessesary.
Since 2000 the location of Könnern is A1-development area. The business scale rate has been unchanged for 10 years (290%).