31general structural  information

area approx. 125 km²
inhabitants approx. 9200
catchment area inhabitants of the northern Saalkreises and eastern district Köthen

traffic infrastructure

highways A 14 Leipzig - Magdeburg (with junction Könnern at the northern exit of the town)
more planned highways
  • A 38 Halle - Göttingen (junction 15 km south of Könnern)
    (at the moment build in process)
  • A 73 Halle - Erfurt (junction approx. 25 km south of Könnern)
federal roads
  • B 6 n (with driveway north of the A 14)
country roads
  • L 50 ( to Magdeburg or to Halle)
  • L 85 (to the Harz)
  • L 148 (to Köthen)
  • L 154 (to Gerbstedt/Hettstedt or to Halle - Neustadt)
  • L 144 (to Löbejün)
railways local public transport junction Könnern
route: Leipzig - Halle - Könnern - Hildesheim - Hannover;
transfer point with bus pool to municipal district and the town of Bernburg
(industrial- ) branch roads
  • Könnern - Bernburg - Calbe (through industrial area Könnern - North with Diamant - sugar factory)
  • Könnern - Rothenburg (Saale)
  • Halle - Leipzig (at Schkeuditzer Kreuz) at the A 14 approx. 50 km (25 minutes by car) from  Könnern
  • Halle - Oppin (approx. 20 km south of Könnern) suitable for smaller airplanes up to 12,5 tons
navigable rivers Saale with Saale brigde (first Saale brigde till Halle)
1,5 km ahead Könnern in the area Nelben
replacement new building planned for the years 2004

technical infrastruture

pipelines available - high capacity
drinking water 5.000 m³ storage container - compound pipeline Harz
energy sufficient available - new transforming station of the enviaM
sewage plant largely complete, connection can usually realized immediately
industrial water in the area of the Diamant-sugar factory in large amounts as production residue