further informations

Pure industrial areas in the commercial district North (near the highway driveway) had been offered by the town Könnern as settlement areas for a new BMW-factory. The negative reply was received only a few days before the location decision for Leipzig. (total area over 250 ha - partly planned) An Aldi-logistic center and Aral highway service station settled here next to the highway junction.

35In the concept of the land utilization scheme extensive industrial- and business areas will be declared near the highway junction as well as the necessary  residential building in scenic places of the town or the town center. Besides business- and industrial areas there are also declared residential building areas in the district Trebnitz and in the nature reserve "Saaletal". This area would be most suitable for who may be interested (desirable location). Another planned residential building area is located in the eastern part of the town ("Geizer Hill").

Since 1990 among others the following larger companies settled here:

  • sugar factory Pfeifer und Langen Köln (industrial area North-West)
  • ALDI - logistic center Saxony-Anhalt (business-, industrial- and special area North-East)
  • Sosta - high-grade steel processing factory (industrial- and business area East)
  • farm Fleisch- und Wurstwaren GmbH (industrial- and business area South)

Already established companies before 1990:

In the town area are among others:

  • a high school (in maintenance of the town of Könnern)
  • two primary schools
  • five nursery schools and two school hoards
  • a health centre
  • drug stores
  • supermarket: REWE; ALDI; NP Markt (EDEKA); Netto
  • police department
  • a fire department and district fire departments
  • rescue team
  • banks
  • highway service stations Plötzetal East and West at the A14 and the large ARAL - highway service stations north with Burger-King at the L 50
  • welfare and social work station
  • nursing and rest homes (rebuilding finished in 2000 - approx. 50 places)
  • nursing home Henninghof (rebuilding 2002 - approx. 50 places)
  • hotels