43A very interesting industrial- and business area (approx. 290 ha - this area has been proposed by the town of Könnern as the location for the new BMW-factory and has been in the narrowest selection) is located in the north of the town next to the new build North-Junction, which serves as a link between the L 50 and the country road with direction Köthen. This area is reserved for large area industrial companies and may be accomodated  to the requirements of the respective investor. Till now only a part of this area has been developed, because a complete development of this very large area couldnt be prefinanced by the town Könnern. However the road development is even now in a very good state (north junction developmentt road, country road and federal road - distance to A 14 - driveway approx. 500 - 800 metres. The complete developed industry- and business area North is on the edge of the planned industry- and business area North-East. An ALDI-logistic center and an large ARAL-highway service station are located here.
The still available areas will by sold by the PROKOP GbR.

general structural information

name business-, industry- and special area North II
area approx. 120 ha, stand-by area approx. 100 ha
development direct at the L 50, A 14 (and railroad), close to the town, own development roads
already settle companies Aral AG highway service staion & gas station, ALDI - Logistic, Burger King
stage of planning design of a land utilization scheme, development scheme procedure, approved development  scheme
site conditions building ground variegated sandstone, loess and clay overlayed
hydrology low rate of growth of groundwater, aquifer in approx. 10 - 20m depth
soil alkali rich soil, flat, slightly uneven area