46A further interesting area is located west of the L 50 between highway and sugar factory.  An extension of the north junction is planned here for the long term to link the L 50 and the L 85 on the short way. The already existing brigde over the highway will be used for this purpose. In this area there is an exellent possibility to optimal link railway and road direct at the highway junction.

The location is virtually predestined for large area industrial settlements, especially for transport intensive companies. The existing railroads, which are already used by the sugar factory can be extended anytime.

general structural information

name industrial area North I
area approx. 100 ha
development direct at the L 50 and A 14, own railway link, own development road
already settled companies Diamant-Zucker GmbH & Co. KG
stage of planning design of a land utilization scheme
site conditions building ground variegated sandstone, loess overlayed
hydrology low rate of growth of groundwater, aquifer in approx. 20m depth
soil alkali rich soil, flat, slightly uneven area