5Just in the middle of Saxony-Anhalt, on the eastern border of the Harz, on the river Saale, lies the old, peaceful and small town of Könnern with it 30 districts. 
Although located in the flatland, the town shows profile. The plateau as an back-end of the Halle-Hettstedter-mountain brigde in the south and west of the town, lies 130 metres above sea level. In the city area the terrain decreases in northern direction, so the northern outskirts lies by only 63 metres above sea level. The Saale level again lies 20 metres downhill. The Saale passes the western outskirt of the town. This part of the river belongs to the planned nature park "Lower Saale Valley".

Growth - Traffic

Könnern has an excellent infrastructure. The L 50 and the L 85, two important country roads, are crossing the town. The highway A 14 with junction Könnern from Halle to Magdeburg had already opened for traffic. The existing railway infrastructure on the main track Halle-Hannover via Halberstadt has been renewed from scratch in the last years and is now suitable for fast trains. The railway station Könnern is as local public transport junction a stoping-place for trains with direction Halle/Halberstadt-Hannover (frequent hourly). The branch railroad with direction Bernburg-Calbe, which is served by the local public transport every 2 hours, has its meaning in freight traffic as an industrial railroad siding for the resident industry in Könnern and its districts. Furthermore Könnern lies on the river Saale, an imported waterway of central germany. With its expansion it would gain additional importence, with also positive effects for Könnern itself.