The town Könnern, located in the south part of rural destrict Bernburg, in Saxony-Anhalt with the provincial capital Magdeburg.

In 1994 the town of Könnern with the areas Nelben, Trebnitz, Golbitz, Garsena, Zickeritz, Zellewitz, Brucke, Lebendorf, Trebitz and Bebitz founded the town Könnern. Headquarters of the town is the town Könnern. On the 01.01.2003 after a hearing of the citizens in 2002, the municipalities of the administrative district united to the town Könnern. Today 9200 inhabitants live on an area of 125 km². Mayor of Könnern is Mr. Mario Braumann.

The following list shall indicate the main focus of assignments of the administration and serve as a guide for you.

2The incurred administrative duties of the town will be handled in the historical town hall in Könnern. In the adjoining buildings of the town hall accomodates the property company of Bernburg and a police department. The honorary mayors of the former municipalities became district mayors, who offer as usual a consulting hour once a week.

The town hall, which has been build in 1862 in a classical style with middle tower and weather vane, is the center of administration of the town Könnern.